Partner Visas

Married or de facto relationships

Are you in a married or de facto relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident? Perhaps you are an Australian and have a partner living overseas. Regardless of whether you are married or de facto, you will need to supply evidence to the Department of Immigration that you are in a genuine and committed relationship together. If you have been in a relationship for a relatively short period of time, or you have spent significant amounts of time living apart, this can introduce an added element of risk to your application. It is essential to provide adequate evidence and a detailed account of your relationship to avoid your application being refused. There are a range of options available, to apply onshore (subclass 820/801) or offshore (subclass 309/100) for a partner visa or apply for a temporary prospective marriage (subclass 300) if you are intending to get married in the near future. It will depend on your life and work situation and the stage of your relationship. Common pitfalls in lodging partner visas is simply not providing carefully prepared statements and a lack of independent third party evidence to support your relationship. Whether you want someone to look after the whole thing, a meeting to discuss your options and obtain some clarity, or us to check over your application we can work with you to achieve a successful outcome. The visa application charges for this type of application have increased substantially in recent years, and it currently costs $6865.50 to lodge an onshore partner visa application. Given the high price, we are able to provide our services at an hourly rate to give you peace of mind when lodging your application you have the greatest possible chance of success with a minimum of delays in processing.