Administrative Appeals Tribunal

If you have had a visa cancelled or refused, you may have the right to apply for a review of the decision by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.  The tribunal can independently review decisions made by the Department of Immigration. There are strict time limits in applying for review of your decision and very limited flexibility if you miss the deadline. The tribunals do operate primarily on written evidence and submissions in coming to a decision. In most cases the tribunal member will invite you to a hearing. Whilst you may engage a representative and they can attend a hearing with you, they do not have a great deal of input at the hearing. The tribunal member will primarily want to ask questions and talk to you directly to help them come to a decision on your particular case. The Tribunal will not make a decision on your application. They will either affirm (agree with the Department) or remit the decision back to the Department for reconsideration if they disagree with the original decision by the Immigration Department. It is vital to your case to submit a strong written application that provides a clear, concise argument supported by appropriate evidence. Give us a call to discuss how we can help with your review application.