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We are flexible and will match our services to your individual needs.

As Australian registered migration agents, we can assist with any matter which relates to the Australian Immigration Law. This means we can assist with all types of visa application, refusals, cancellations and associated merits review processes. We can and do assist with applications to the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) and also have some experience in matters before the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. We are not a registered law practice and therefore cannot make applications to the Federal Court. We are permitted to represent clients to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) which is reserved for a small selection of migration related issues such as cancellations based on character grounds and certain business visa cancellations. We have a great deal of experience in Business , Family and Employer Sponsored visas as well as Notifications of Intention to Cancel (NOICC) and Citizenship Applications. If we do not have experience with your particular issue, we will refer you to an agent or lawyer who is more experienced in that area. The Australian Migration law is made up of the following legislation:
  • The Migration Act (1958) and the Migration Regulations (1994)
  • The Citizenship Act (2007) and the Citizenship Regulations (2007)
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